Case Studies

Case Studies

Increasing ESP Run-Time in Chad Chad

GE delivers and installs artificial lift equipment and a customer experience that yields increased run-time.

Finding a solution for faster and easier fueling of natural gas vehicles

GE's turnkey CNG compression solution offers advanced editable controls and user interface, on-board priority and control panels, and an on-board gas dryer system with a sealed box for easier winterization.

Driving project execution excellence at Guddu Power plant station station

In Guddu, Pakistan, ENGRO Fertilizer Limited appointed GE Oil & Gas to install three compression units driven by a gas engine, delivering installation, commissioning, start-up and performances test in only 6 weeks.

Downhole equipment exceeds 10-year run life

Decade-old Zenith® E-Series ESP gauge and Auto Flow Valve serve as example of longstanding commitment to world class service and equipment.


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